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external magnetic filter

                     the whglq external magnetic filter developed by the company is a specially protective device for bcp. the main characteristics is the double layer filter screen with large size. it can effectively adsorb ferromagnetic particles in the internal circulating cooling water and reduce the damage to trust bearing, guide bearings and winding coils. it can replace the original internal filter and prevent failure of bcp caused by blocking of filter screen. the whglq external magnetic filter can be cleaned during the operation to reduce the economic losses in the emergency shutdown caused by blocking of filter screen, and to guarantee the safe operation of power plants. 


   technical parameters:



designed pressure:31mpa

test pressure:46.5mpa

size of inlet and outlet of water:40mm



1.      the filtration area of original filter is about for 240 cm2during the long term operation of bcpthere are lots of sediment will attached to the filterwhich cause the decrease of flow rate and temperature increase of motortripped in the serious condition

2.      the original filter can not filter the tiny iron particlesincluding the ferric chloride in the pump operation and residual scrap iron during the manufacturing process of pump)。once the iron particles in the area between thrust bearing and guide bearingthen it will accelerate the wear of bearingif the flow fate of cooling water can not cause thedry grindingphenomenonit will directly damage the bearing

if we want to clean the filterwe must stop the pump firstdrain the water when pump is cooling down


operation condition requirement

1.      the temperature of medium can not over than 80°c

2.      work pressureinner water pressurenot higher than 33mpa

3.      work medium is deaerated cooling water

4.      ph value of medium is more than 7


the advantage of external magnetic filter

1. enlarging the area of filter netensure the flow rate of cooling waterdecrease the temperature of motor iron coil and winding      slow down the aging time of winding resistanceavoid the jam of filter net

2.using inside and outside two sets of filter netthe outside net could filter the bigger coarse particles and inside net could prevent fine particles go into the motor

3. adding a number of magnetic rodadsorb the iron particles in the waterwhich reducing the damage of iron particles to thrust bearing and guide bearingprolong service life

4. it is convenience to clean the filterno need to stop pump)。it will not affect the continuous operation of bcpgreatly reduce the workload of filter net cleaning


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