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auxiliary cooling circulating pump

auxiliary cooling circulating pump(acsm) is a new type of protective device for bcp. at present, to avoid aging and being scorched by high temperature of machine winding insulation of hot standby bcp, many bcps are forced to be put into operation, the original designed operation mode of two in operation and one for hot standby had been changed. that caused pointless wear of hot standby bcps as well as increase of energy consumption. the acsm can provide power for high pressure cooling circulation of hot standby bcp to effectively avoid extremly high water temperature inside bcp caused by heat conduction and accelerated aging of winding insulation. furthermore, it can prevent the winding insulation from being scorched when boiler water of high temperature seeps inside the motor. this device connects the original high pressure cooling pipeline system of bcp in the form of series connection, unchanging the original cooling system. since the improper operation mode is modified, each pump can save 1,500,000 kwh to 3,000,000 kwh for power plants every year. it is used in jiangxi fengcheng power plant, jiangsu jianbi power plant, shenzhen mawan power plant, shandong shiheng power plant, huaneng laiwu power plant, huaneng jiaxiang power plant, shanghai wujing power plant, hebei qinhuangdao power plant and other power plants with great effect.




 technical parameters


rated capacity:4.5kw

rated  voltage:ac 380v (220v)

designed pressure:21mpa  

testing pressure:31.5mpa

head of delivery :26m        

rate of flow : 12m³/h



the benefit evaluation of the installation of on bcp from jiangxi fengcheng power plant as the following

1.      after installation of auxiliary cooling circulating pumpthe running and routine maintenance of bcp is just as normal

2.      obviously effect in energy savingif we evaluated the bcp running 6900 hours in one yearthen can save 336000 yuan

3.      during the normal operationit could realize one bcp is standby in long termwhich is greatly improve the reliability of boiler water circulating

4.      prolong the service life of bcpdecrease the workload of maintenance

5.      in view of outstanding effect in energy savingit’s suggested that apply this system in #3 boiler and other same type factory as soon as possibleif 4 boilers installed one auxiliary cooling circulating pump as averagecalculated from annual generating capacity is 6 billionthe average load rate of year is 72%then the bcp power consumption can be dropped by 4.48 million degrees every yearthe benefit is very considerable