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strive to first-class staff, create first-class products, to revitalize national industry, create a world brand.

self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, tree anhui spirit; pioneering and enterprising, innovative, and anhui of brilliant.

science and technology as the pilot of quality as the fundamental integrity as the basis.

advanced, efficient, pragmatic and quality management.

track to overtake the advanced level at home and abroad.

improving the reliability for the goal, continuous innovation.

high efficiency, quality service, high quality products to meet user requirements.

enterprise culture is our company's business ideas and concepts, quality management, enterprise characteristics, values, behavior criterion, principle and the cultural atmosphere is the comprehensive reflection of enterprise, is our advantage foundation, the spirit of enterprise based on.

company to company culture focus on long-term culture and accumulation, formed to adapt to the market economy and enterprise development needs, competitive corporate culture. the company always adhere to the benefit pay equal attention to with the service, in good faith as the basis, quality as the fundamental business principles, not seeking did not seek, refinement, and strong.

ask employees to integrity in the first place, sureness works, real life, as long as the company commitment to users of things, whether oral or written agreement, must perform.

ask employees to quality in the first place, company maintenance of each piece of equipment, the production of each product, must pass through digestion analysis, based on the original, and strive to dig the potential for improvement, as far as possible to improve the performance of equipment. in the selection, the best choice of materials, the need to import certain imported ( some of our special materials still have difference with the developed country ). in order to guarantee the quality of products, accessories and processing pieces of diffusion. table equipment, pieces of product, meticulous work, leave no regret.

ask employees to service in the first place, the user project requirements can only advance, never back. special circumstances and in a time of need, can not talk about the price, not the agreement, to grab the task, i do think customers are thinking, be anxious anxious users.

the core technology is the enterprise service users, based on the fundamental market. over the years the furnace water pump core technology, has been performed by a few foreign companies control. early a boiler pump motor maintenance costs, less than 1000000, about 3000000, time to first half of the year, some for more than a year, quality also has many problems. since 99 years, my company to enter the market, the development of a number of core technology of independent innovation, make the maintenance quality has been greatly improved, the maintenance cost is reduced by more than 50%, the maintenance period shorten, in general as long as more than 10 days or less.

the power plant and the majority of users generally reflect, my company maintenance and transformation of equipment performance and service life is better than the original equipment. good service has also been affirmed by the user.

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