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the overhaul project of hubei province hanchuan powerplant bcp-凯发k8娱乐备用网址-首页

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onedisassembly and failure analysis before overhaul

1.      after disassemblethe motor inspection result as follows

     stator winding was burned seriouslythe insulation resistance is 0.

     pump side and motor cover side guide bearing movable padwearing material with baseboard already fall offand with seriously deformation

     the wearing material on the thrust plate

     the wearing material on the anti-thrust sealing ring already fall off and deformation

     thrust bearing axial clearance is 1.5mm

2.      failure analysis

introduced by hanchuan power plantdue to the leakage of suction nozzlehot water went into the motor and led to the fault and damage

twomotor overhaul content

   according to the agreementthe overhaul content as following

1.      produced a new stator with same dimensionssame performance of original stator

a)  winding is use polyethylene winding wire which specially for wet stator motor

b)threading is use no-axial dirction less wearing methoddecrease the probability of damage winding wire

c)  use import material to produce lead sealing joint

2.      clean the part of bcp motor

3.      change the pump side and motor cover side guide bearing movable pad

4.      change the thrust plate which made by import material

5.      change the anti-thrust sealing ring which made by import material

6.      repair the side guide bearing sleeve

7.      repair the thrust pad

8.      change all the sealing parts



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