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modification of boiler water circulating pump

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                         the power plant of shanghai bao steel group has an imported 450kw 380v boiler water circulating pump, whose stator and rotor core are of open slot structure. after several years of operation, due to cavitation, the rotor core was seriously damaged, the squirrel-cage bar of rotor was exposed from the notch, causing the rotor bars rubbing the stator (see picture 7). in view of the failure, the company redesigned and manufactured the stator of the bcp with new close-slot structure (picture 8), which reduced the cavitation damage. at the same time, the stator winding was replaced from 0.4kv insulation winding to 6kv insulation winding (picture 9, when the slot- space permits). in the operation, the test current and temperature rise reduced markedly, which improved the using time of the motor.



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