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special repair technique for motors

expanding the capacity and transformation of large and medium sized motor at home and abroad-凯发k8娱乐备用网址-首页

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                our company has strong technical force of expanding the capacity and transformation work for a variety of large and medium sized motors at home and abroad. till now, more than 40 sets of motors have expanded the capacity and been transformed, which has achieved good results.



                       after several times of overhaul by other companies,  the operation temperature of 3357/2313kw double speed draught fan motor of guangdong shajiao c power plant made by abb company, was 20k higher than the original one, which caused abnormal operation. the power plant required to reduce the temperature rise and expand the capacity. after the redesigning and modification by our company, the capacity of low speed mode (10p) increased by 8%, and the temperature rise in operation is 20k lower than the original one. the protective grade rises from ip23 to ip44. furthermore, the motor in operation of low speed can satisfy the requirement of full load operation of 660mw unit without high gear. it can save 800kwh per hour. on account of the excellent energy saving effect, the third prize of science and technology award is achieved.



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